Summer Gathering 2022 - CMG 102

This event has only 102 space(s) left. If you continue and register more than 102 people (including yourself ), the whole group will be wait listed. Or, you can reduce the number of people you are registering to 102 to avoid being put on the waiting list.

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California Men’s Gatherings Presents:

Our 102nd Gathering, "Love, Vulnerability & Healing"



Labor Day Weekend
Friday, September 2nd – Monday, September 3rd, 2022
Camp Lodestar in Wilseyville, CA

There are requirements for vaccination and testing for coronavirus that we ask you to verify. Please provide documentation of vaccination that includes the initial course of a vaccine and 1 available booster. You can upload it during registration or provide it by August 20th to the registrar. Registrations not documented by that time will be forfeited and a refund issue less a $50 fee. We also require a negative test completed in the days before the gathering. No earlier than Weds 8/31 for a PCR test/lab test or no earlier than Thurs 9/1 for a home test. Please bring the negative test to the gathering with you (take a picture as insurance). Refunds will be provided to anyone unable to attend because of symptoms or a positive test.

Registration Fees (Financial Aid is Available)

The registration fee is a sliding scale based on your income. The fees are as follows:

  • Less Than $30,000 = $295
  • $30,001-$60,000 = $325
  • $60,001-$90,000 = $360
  • More than $90,000 = $425

Are you attending a Gathering for the first time? Make sure to choose the $40 discount available only to CMG virgins. The discount is also available to first-timers who receive financial aid, making it even more affordable.

If registration fees are a barrier to your participation, complete this simple application to access financial aid assistance before proceeding with registration.
Please wait until your funding is approved BEFORE finalizing your registration! 

Paying for your Registration
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At the end of the online registration process, you’ll be prompted to make a payment to CMG via PayPal. It’s safe and easy, and you do not need to have a PayPal account — just a credit or debit card. 

If you prefer to pay through the mail by check, no problem! Just select Pay Later and either pay online later or send us a check! However, paying later/mailing a check will make your registration incomplete/unreserved until we receive it.

It usually takes a week to 10 days to process the check during which someone may have taken the room you wanted or we could sell out before your registration can be completed.

If Pay Later is not available, then there just isn't time to get a check processed before we need to close registration. 

Questions regarding the registration process can be directed to

Questions about the gathering, accommodations, etc., can be directed to 

We suggest that you sign into your CMG account to proceed. If you do not have a CMG account your can create one now or check the box below to create one during registration. You may proceed as a guest, however you may receive an error even though your registration and payment are successful.

If you would like to create an account on this site, check the box below and enter a Username and a password. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.

What is your Name Again?

Fee Schedule

If registration fees are a barrier to your participation, complete this simple application for financial aid assistance before proceeding with registration.
Once your assistance is approved, please input the discount code in the box above!

Let's talk about money

CMG has egalitarian roots and strives for both diversity and inclusion. As a result, Gathering registration fees are on a sliding scale based on income. If you can pay more, please consider doing so. Equity is achieved when people with more means pay more and those with less means pay less. For your privacy, no one verifies your income and we remove personally identifying information from registration fee reports.

If the selection you were expecting is not shown, contact the Registrar.
If you have never attended an in-person gathering weekend, please accept our welcome to you and if you wish, you may deduct $40 from your registration. This selection is also available to first timers regardless of access to financial aid.

Just like the sliding scale registration, we rely upon those who have a little extra to help eliminate financial barriers for our brothers. We aren't just an all volunteer organization, we are an all donation organization. Here is your chance to give of yourself to remove the obstacles for others. It also means more and more diverse men at the gathering to connect with. Give a little or give a lot, as long as it's given with love.

Please note that Financial Aid donations are non-refundable.

Enter amount in whole dollars without a decimal.

  • A limited number of tent camping and recreational vehicle spots are available at a discount. No water or electrical hook-ups are available.
  • For ALL housing options, you must bring your own fabulous bedding and room decor none is provided.
  • A room upgrade is not yours until payment is received. Please consider paying online instead of by check to avoid losing your favorite option.
  • When a particular option sells out, it shows as no longer available.
  • If your favored option is sold out or you would like to purchase more than one bed (making a room private), contact the to be added to a waiting list.
  • In the meantime, finish registration with the available options and the registrar will let you know if it can be changed.

  • ( )Bunk bed in air conditioned building with WIFI, kitchen and internal shared bathrooms - $ 125.00More Info (Sold out)
    ( )*Bed in 2-bed (pass through) bedroom in air conditioned building with WIFI, internal shared bathrooms and kitchen - $ 150.00 (Sold out)
    * = If you wish to choose your roommate, both men must choose the upgrade and identify the other person as their preferred roommate on this registration form. If you do not choose one, one will be chosen for you.
    Total Fee(s)
    Coronavirus Vaccination

    Documentation of Vaccination

    Due to the close contact nature of this event (with massage, puppy piles, workshop activities etc.), we require that you be vaccinated to register for this event. The level of accepted vaccination is considered receiving the initial course of vaccine (1 or 2 shots depending on type), and an available booster shot. To verify this we ask that you upload an image of your vaccination documentation (CDC Card, Medical Record or Electronic vaccination record). If you attended the Spring 2022 Gathering at Pathfinder Ranch, your documentation has already been received. You do not need to upload it again.
    If you do not have documentation of your vaccination, you can obtain it RIGHT NOW from your online medical record, your doctor's office or from the California State Department of Public Health at You may not wait to bring it to camp with you.

    This is not a required field. If you can not provide this documentation now, you may complete the rest of registration but you must email documentation to the registrar before your registration is considered complete. The deadline to submit documentation is August 20th, 2022. If documentation is not received, your registration will be forfeited and a refund issued (less a $50 processing fee).
    Emergency Contact

    In Case of Emergency

    Your Emergency Contact will only be contacted if you are unconscious and leaving the event, or if there is some other problem requiring such notification. Please provide both a phone number and an email. In reality, we’ll never know if the information you provide is accurate until you are unconscious, so please check that your entries are correct.

    Designating a roommate

    If you purchased an upgrade in lodging, you may indicate who you wish to share the room with. He should add your name to his registration as well. If you sign up for a room upgrade and leave this blank, we will make an assignment for you.


    Let's personalize things for you!

    Transportation Options

    Camp Lodestar is 85 miles East of the Sacramento Airport and 146 miles Northeast of San Francisco. With increasing gas prices and vehicle emissions contributing to climate change, you may feel like walking to the gathering. We are providing assistance with arranging and paying for transportation.
    If you are flying into the area, please fly into Sacramento (SMF) Airport. Men arriving before 2pm on Friday and leaving after 4pm on Monday will be able to participate in a vanpool. Vanpools may also be available from other Northern California locations. Vanpools are subsidized but riders will need to pay approximately $50 to help cover some cost for the round trip service.
    To help us personalize your transportation experience, please share with us the following information:
    If offering a ride, how many additional passengers can you transport?
    What city/area are you coming from?

    Arrival & Departure

    Superheros are Welcome

    Please indicate if you would be willing to take on a larger volunteer commitment by extending your stay to help with setup and/or cleanup. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to make assignments. Please, do not arrive early at the camp unless you have been assigned a specific task.

    Food at Camp

    If you have a specifically prescribed diet, you may bring supplemental food that is prescribed by that diet as an accommodation. If this is you, please indicate the accommodation needed under special needs below. We will help arrange storage of that food.

    Special Needs

    If you have special needs regarding the management of your health or comfort, please explain them below. Be as specific as possible. This includes the accommodation of handicapped parking, wheel chair access, assistance for hearing impairment, storing specially prescribed food/refrigerated medication or the need to use the lift at the pool. Accommodations for a documented disability (like a service animal) may require additional documentation to obtain an ADA accommodation from the camp.

    NOTE: If you sleep with a CPAP machine, please indicate it below and please plan to bring it to limit the disturbance of your fellow bunk-mates! Please bring an extension cord or power-strip in case your bed is not right next to an outlet.


    What's a buddy? The buddy program matches you with another man attending the gathering who may have been several times. He will help answer questions about the Gathering and the organization for you and help you throughout the weekend as needed. If you are an experienced Gatherer and are open to being a Buddy, please indicate so below. This really helps to mentor new men into the weekend. A buddy relationship is intended to emerge like any friendly relationship - you build it together from being open to connecting!

    Attendee Roster

    Your Name in Print

    If you want to be found after the Gathering is over, we’ll put together a roster based on your selections below. You don't have to be in it. You can add your name and photo only if you just want to be remembered fondly, but don’t forget to upload a photo of your FACE only, please!
    Denote which information you would like to included.
    (If more than one destination, please separate each by a comma-space (, ) and put top-priority first.)
    If you have a picture already uploaded, you won’t see it here. Consider an updated picture. If you want to see what is in our database, Right click (two finger tap for some) on "photo upload" in the left menu and choose open in new window (otherwise your registration page goes away and you can't come back).
    Face images only, please!
    (Your FACE will be featured at 1.00" SQUARE. Help us by submitting your image at 300x300 pixels/72dpi.)
    Terms of Participation

    Terms and Conditions of Gathering Participation

    Health Considerations:

    I understand that my participation is limited in aspects where my health may impact the health of others. I understand the vaccination requirements for registration and that my registration may be cancelled if I don't provide documentation of vaccination. I will ensure that I have tested negative on a PCR test no earlier than Wednesday or home test no earlier than Thursday before the gathering. I will bring the negative test result (and a picture of said device) when I check-in at the Gathering. (Refunds are provided to any participant who can not attend due to illness or infection).

    Doing Your Part to Create Safety for Everyone

    The California Men's Gathering celebrates connection including physical intimacy, be it sexual or otherwise. To make this possible we strive to create a space that is safe from outside expectations and restrictions providing support for vulnerability and openness. This is created through the participation of every man to reduce judgment, pressure and influence and increase communication and consent with mutual respect.

    Every man has the ability to choose how he will participate in the Gathering. There are no shoulds or shalls only desires and eager participation. If at any point you feel pressured to do something, you should be frank and honest about your feelings and decline participation. If someone declines connection or stops interaction for any reason, it is your responsibility to respect their wishes and honor that boundary.

    All sexual activity must be with enthusiastic consent and conducted in private in spaces designated for intimate activity.

    Photographic Evidence

    There will be an official camp photographer. Individuals who do not wish to be photographed by the camp photographer should let him know as early in the gathering as possible. CMG has express permission (except of those who notified the photographer) to use photos and videos in ways that further the mission of the organization.

    Gathering attendees may only take photos and videos of other men, if they have received express permission from those men and must receive separate permission of all persons visible in the media before posting it in a public forum (ie. Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

    Photos that include nudity are further restricted and are subject to the same consent boundaries as sexual activity. They can not be posted online by anyone and will not be kept or used by CMG.
    Behavior at the Gathering that violates these sentiments or otherwise interrupts our ability to provide a safe and comfortable environment for participants and for the operators of the facility are subject to censure up to and including removal from the event and the inability to participate in future events. This is decided at the sole discretion of CMG leaders.
    The contract begins when my payment is complete and documentation is verified