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October 1, 2017

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 Welcome to Binky's List, CMG's very own community news publication, named in honor of one of our most beloved elders, Al-Binky Hoch. 

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Events & Items of Interest

Benefit for Randy Fuhrman (West Hollywood)
October 16th at 7 PM
CMG brother Randy Fuhrman was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has just begun rigorous chemotherapy. He needs our help in this very difficult time with medical/living expenses. Randy’s been a supporter of this community for many, many years, having given/volunteered for so many causes and donated his amazing brownies for many fundraising events.  He’s also been a multi-time CMG planner and volunteer.
Legendary Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's in WeHo is hosting a night for Randy and we invite you, urge you, to come and share the love. There will be fabulous prize packages. Our special guest will be comedian/actress Suzanne Whang (House Hunters, Las Vegas, The Mick). Show hosted by Bingo Boy Jeffery Bowman and Bingo Hostess Roxy Wood.  Please make your FREE RESERVATION HERE. Then a $20.00 donation at the door will get you all of your bingo cards for the event. Hamburger Mary's has a full bar and menu. If you cannot make it to the event and would still like to donate: Hamburger Mary’s, 8288 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046.

A Passing to Note
We are sad to report the passing of CMG brother Albert Marsh.  This information came in at the last minute and we hope to have an obit in the next issue.  There will be a Celebration of Albert's Life on Saturday, October 14, 2017,  3:00 PM, in the Great Hall at Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood CA 90046.  A reception to follow.

C.A.R.E. To Dine (Long Beach)
Thursday, October 26, 2017
The idea behind the single-day event is simple and effective: Dine out; fight AIDS! Participating restaurants donate twenty percent or more of your tab to benefit clients of the only comprehensive HIV care program in Long Beach and the South Bay. Community members fill participating restaurants by inviting their friends and family. Restaurants benefit from increased sales and exposure to many new, first-time customers, and donated funds stay in the local community and are used to fund essential AIDS services.     9/24/17

CMG Marketplace - Part 1

CalComMen & Body Electric (L.A. & Palm Springs)
Would you like to overcome your obstacles to intimacy with other men? Could you use a safe & supportive environment to explore masculinity? Are you curious about the sensual & erotic secrets locked away in your body? Does exploring these questions at an intimate men's weekend retreat appeal to you? 2017 Workshop Schedule. Join Us:
Oct 7-8 Expressing Libido (Palm Springs). Oct 22-24 The Erotic Intensive (LA). Nov 11-12 Celebrating the Body Erotic 2 (Palm Springs). For info, questions, fees & scholarships, email:     9/2/17

Share Travel With Me? (worldwide)
Experienced tour guide creating a world tour itinerary for 2018. Want to share an extraordinary experience or a segment? Example: Join me for a month in Australia or a cruise on the Mediterranean. Me: 63, San Diegan, reasonably fit, econo-traveler, nonsmoker/very light drinker--will use public transit and hostels to cruise ships for a year on the road. You: Full of adventure, sense of humor and companionable.  Daniel Haslam     9/10/17

Did You Know . . . ?

Six Practical Tips for Cultivating Happiness

by Patty Ray Avalon

Residential Trainer at The Monroe Institute

Happiness is suddenly a big topic in the world of science, psychology and spirituality. Google happiness and you will find a plethora of nifty bits intended to help you stop suffering and be happier.

After pouring through endless blog posts and websites, I decided I couldn’t read one more set of “how to be happy” guidelines from the experts. What I wanted was down to earth, real-people experiences to understand more about what happiness means, how to become happier more often, and what the benefits are in doing so.

I informally surveyed ten of my more successful pals about their personal happiness. Some had everything going well for them in all areas, others were in rough spots in their marriages, some had health issues, and a few were struggling financially. All agreed however, that no matter what their challenges were, they had the ability to create a general state of happiness. Also, these people didn’t seem to view challenges as problems, but rather, as opportunities to shift into better possibilities. Here is the collective response to the question, “What is happiness for you?

    “Happiness is when I feel good, am content, confident, feel secure, and my actions are aligned with the desires in my heart and wisdom in my head.”

The six tips they give for cultivating their happiness are:

1.    Get in alignment with your heart and head in regard to what you are doing. Or stop doing it. Or start doing what brings you into alignment. There’s a feeling of power and peace when one is operating from a place of inner integrity.

2.    Consider an attitude adjustment. There are times in life when we don’t seem to get what we intend. Or people don’t behave the way we would like. Years ago I found a book entitled, A New Pair of Glasses. It was about a successful businessman who had had a spiritual awakening as a result of changing how he did business. He chose to see everyone and everything through a filter of generosity and trust.  Those were the qualities he eventually experienced over and over again as a result of seeing life through “new lenses.”

3.    Connect with meaning and purpose in your life. All people at some time question, “What is my purpose?” One of my friends discovered that her purpose is simply, “To have life, and to have life fully.” Another man said that his purpose is, “To be exactly who I am, not what others expect me to be, and to do my best.” 

4.    Acknowledge yourself, acknowledge others.  Look for all the ways you contribute, create, explore, and love in life.  Feeling good is what happiness really is. When you take clear inventory of just how much you really accomplish in life, you will feel good.

5.    Let go of trying to control outcomes.  Letting go puts us in a place of feeling trust in life.  We can rarely control how things turn out, but we can control our interpretations and responses to the results. Letting go also opens up our ability to perceive new solutions, let more inner energy flow, and relax and de-stress.

6.    Do things that raise your self-esteem and don’t do things that lower it. Stay in integrity as much as possible and forgive yourself when you don’t. At one point in my life many years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with feelings of low self-esteem. A very wise friend said to me, “One of the best antidotes for low self-esteem is to do things that are esteem-able!”

All of these help us to feel good, and that is what the pursuit of happiness is all about. When we feel good, the universe responds in kind with good feeling possibilities. And on and on it goes.

Patty Ray Avalon is a Residential Trainer at The Monroe Institute.
Patty Ray Avalon's website:

More at

CMG Marketplace - Part 2

Holistic Psychological Healing and Wellness (Los Angeles)
Psychotherapy with Neil Schierholz PsyD for individuals, couples, adult families, and groups. Schedule a free initial phone consultation at Lower-fee options available with my interns.     9/19/17

Massage and Yoga (San Francisco)
CMGer and CMT Brian Swager offers serious, therapeutic, healing bodywork with a warm, sensual approach incorporating Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, lomi lomi, craniosacral, and Body Electric style tantric techniques. Warm, quiet, clean studio, quality table, Sacred Earth lotion, shower. Also available for private yoga sessions, naked or clothed. Additional info:  (415) 551-7866     9/23/17

Confused by Technology? (Los Angeles)
IT Acquisition & Services (Pasadena, LA-area): Free consultation, $20 for 20 minutes. Let me help you navigate the IT issues you are facing today, so that you can enjoy your technology tomorrow. Wanting a new gadget or a new pc/mac for Xmas?? Receiving errors or warnings??  I have seen most everything and can make recommendations to fit your budget. Maybe a Chromebook ( is best? I will always be helpful for any decision-making. (  Leave me (Harold Felton) a message at (626) 398-6864 anytime, day or night.     8/23/17

BA-MEN (So Cal)
BA-MEN (Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism), a men's naturist/nudist club in OC, Long Beach, and nearby, invites all 18+ men! Nov. 10-13: Trip to world-famous Tecopa Hot Springs in S.E. Death Valley area. Hope you can join us! Oct. Events include a massage workshop, "spa@home day", foreskin restoration, movies, touch sessions, & more!
For you shy guys, join our new body shyness (chest, body, pee, etc.) support group. See our calendar: http://BA-MEN.Org/calendar/. Short-notice events added often, check the calendar & forums: http://BA-MEN.Org/yahoo/, and http://BA-MEN.Org/facebook/. Visit BA-MEN: http://BA-MEN.Org. Questions? Also our newsletter: http://BA-MEN.Org/newsletters/current/.    9/24/17

Freshen Your Photo (statewide)
Gramp's shot was so old we didn't even know it WAS in color til we zoomed in on his shoes!  Now it brings back the feeling of that day. Through, longtime CMG member Milo Shapiro saves old pictures, improves current ones, and even removes people/things from photos.  Email him photos for a free estimate. What photo in your desk drawer or desktop folder needs fixing? Wish decades old photos looked fresh or had color? Sun bleaching, water damage, scratches or tears on old shots? Email him photos for a free estimate.     9/5/17

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