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January 1, 2018                                             Volume 11, Issue 1

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Welcome to Binky's List, CMG's very own community
 news publication, named in honor of one of our most
 beloved elders, Al-Binky Hoch.
 Did you ever wish you could use the CMG email list to
 tell everyone about anything you wanted? Well that is
 EXACTLY what this newsletter is for. It's NOT for CMG
 events. It's for everything else.
 So send us your own items: News, events of interest in
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Quote of the Month

Everything you want
is on the other side of fear.

                           Jack Canfield

Events & Items of Interest
Save-The-Date(s) for CalComMen Events! (LA/Palm Springs)
FEB 2-4 MenInContact Workshop "Building Erotic Intimacy" (LA). FEB 8-10 CalComMen Winter Camp. MAR 2-4 MenInContact Workshop "Moving Into Intimacy" (PS). MAR 23-25 MenInContact Workshop "M2M Erotic Adventures" (LA). APR 13-14 MenInContact Workshop "Reclaiming Your Gay Power" (LA). MAY 25-28 CalComMen Spirituality Camp (Pasadena). JUN 1-3 MenInContact "Moving Into Intimacy" (LA). JUN 22-24 MenInContact "Erotic Intensive" (LA). JUL 27-29 CalComMen Summer Camp (PS). AUG 10-12 MenInContact "Can You Really Be YOU?" (LA). AUG 31-SEPT 3 CalComMen Labor Day Camp (Idyllwild). OCT 5-7 MenInContact "Heart to Hand Intimacy" (LA). Info@CalComMen.com     12/9/17
CMG Marketplace - Part 1

Personal Assistant Wanted (Los Angeles)
Very part-time personal/professional assistant needed for CMGer, disabled professional man.  I work from home in the Universal City/Cahuenga Pass area.  Administrative duties include light filing & typing, running local errands in your car, rarely more than a mile, (my local Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, the post office, & LA Fitness, etc.). We can create your schedule together.  Wage is $15 per hour. Contact Dr. Tony at (323) 351–4531.     12/10/17

Gay Tours/Travel Agents (Scandinavia)
I'm wanting to do a trip to Norway, Sweden, and maybe even Denmark this summer. Wondering if anyone knows of any gay tours or gay travel agents who can help me make arrangements?
  Austin Nation, PhD, RN (714) 401-6913.     12/22/17

Did You Know . . . ?

Thirteen Ways to be Happier in 2018

Without realizing it, many of our thought habits get in the way of our happiness and cause us to get stuck into negative patterns of thinking. How we can liberate ourselves from those thoughts and mental habits that hold us back and hold us down? Follow this advice and not only will you feel better but those around you will too.  After all, only a lit candle can light other candles.

1. Let go of your complaining
Throughout the day we could potentially find countless things to complain about, the weather, the traffic. Does it just put a downer on our mood and make us feel unhappy, low and depressed? We can choose to react to any situation however we want, we can allow ourselves to sucked into a negative state of mind or we can rise above that and be happy despite the traffic!
“Tell the negativity committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.” Martin Seligman

2. Let go of having to always be right.
Many of us struggle with the even the thought of being wrong and will go as far as falling out with dear friends or loved ones solely for the sake of being right. Letting go of this habit will lead to better relationships for all. Wayne Dyer wrote “Would I rather be right or would I rather be kind?” Think about that next time you find yourself fighting this habit!

3. Let go of any self defeating ideas
Most of the hurdles we face in life are actually ones that we have concocted up in our minds, they are imaginary, unreal and they are what prevent us from moving forward, not our actual circumstances. These imaginary hurdles warp our ideas about what we can and cannot do, what is and what is not possible. We need to learn to see through these hurdles.

4. Let go of your fears
What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Our fears are unfortunately hindrances that we create for ourselves. Imagine all those hindrances had vanished, how would you feel? Close your eyes and imagine that for just a moment. Feel good? Now try living that way. Being kind to yourself in thoughts, words and actions is as important as being kind to others.

5. Let go of attachment
Attachments create an atmosphere of fear. You are not reliant on things and allowing yourself to think you are will prevent you from being happy.

6. Let go of making criticism
Refrain from criticizing anything and everything that you don’t understand. We are all different and that’s what makes life beautiful. Allow people and things to be different, don’t see difference as an excuse to criticize. Let’s allow ourselves to be happy and lets allow others to be happy.

7. Let go of blaming
Stop trying to find reasons for why things are what they are, in looking to explain things away we often try and find fault in something or someone, this negativity harms those around us, but more than anyone else, it harms us!

8. Let go of trying to impress other people
There are so many more important things in life than worrying what someone thinks of our shoes or the car you drive. These things are not going to nurture healthy relationships. What people want from you is to be real, to be yourself.  When you drop all pretenses you’ll realize that people appreciate you for who you are and you’ll find your relationships are now stronger and deeper.

9. Let go of your excuses
Sometimes we get into the habit of making excuses for the sake of making excuses. We have all the time, resources and energy that we will ever have. We need to take advantage of our youth, good health, wealth, free time, and most of all our lives while we have them!

10. Let go of trying to always control
Situations, events, people; as much as we may try, much of what happens around us cannot be controlled by us and so we must spare ourselves the hassle of trying to think that it can. Let everyone and everything around you just be and you will feel much more relaxed and happier.

11. Let go of the past
Keep things in perspective, never dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future, rather enjoying these precious everyday moments. Today is all you have. Tomorrow has not been promised to you and yesterday has passed you by. So be present in all that you do. Remember, these are the good old days, happiness is not something you can postpone for the future.

12. Let go of resisting change
Every life process entails change. As human beings we often enjoy familiarity and once we become comfortable we become resistant to change. But very little lasts forever and so we have to always be ready for change.  That doesn’t mean we fear it, rather we embrace it whenever it comes knocking at our door.  We welcome it in and see it as opportunity for something new and better.

13. Let go of living life to other people’s expectations
Too much of our lives is spent trying to fit into social archetypes. We allow the expectations of others determine the job we do, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, and much more! How much happier would we be if instead we followed our hearts and did things the way we wanted to do them. We allow our loved ones to dictate to us, our parents, siblings, partners. Often we allow influences such as the media or government to dictate to us how we live our lives. We are all talented individuals, we all have something to offer, something unique. Each one of us is gifted. We need to nurture our talents and gifts and contribute through doing what we do best, doing what we love, rather than doing what we think is expected of us.

More details in the full article: HERE

CMG Marketplace - Part 2

Save-The-Dates for Body Electric Workshops! (Palm Springs/LA)
FEB 18 Eros Circle (Palm Springs)+. MAR 9-11 Body Electric "Power, Surrender & Intimacy Workshop" (LA). APR 7-8 "Body Electric for Couples" Workshop (Palm Springs). MAY 3-6 Body Electric "Into the Valley of Delights" Workshop (LA). MAY 20 Eros Circle (Palm Springs)+. JUL 7-8 Body Electric "Celebrating the Body Erotic" Workshop (Palm Springs)*. AUG 19 Eros Circle (Palm Springs)+. SEP 28-30 "Body Electric" CBE2 (LA). OCT 21 Eros Circle (Palm Springs)+. NOV 10-11 Body Electric "Mature Eros" (Palm Springs). *entry level/open to all! +open to anyone who has taken a workshop. Info:
PalmSprings@b-e-school.com     12/9/17

Sensual Massage by Tall, Bearish, Nurturing Man (Los Angeles)
Come and relax in a Zen-like atmosphere. Take an hour out of your day to enjoy being pampered. Strong intuitive hands. You create the type of massage you would like. You will also enjoy the soft music and candles. In a Van Nuys house with a private room. Shower and easy parking available. Large oversized massage table, and clean sheets. Times available: after 6pm on weekdays. On weekends, call to see what I have available. Cost is $85 for over an hour.  Book your appointment with Randy (323) 236-5150.     12/22/17

Men's Nude Yoga Classes (Los Angeles)
#1  Men’s Nude YogaBasics. Saturday Jan 13th (9:30-10:30 AM). Yoga poses held longer to stretch the muscles and to create greater heat for detoxing the body.  Simple to follow for all skill levels.  price $20 #2:  Men’s Naked Yin/Yoga: Saturday Jan. 27th (9:30-11:00 AM). The hallmark of Yin Yoga is that poses are held for about three to five minutes at a time in order to the stretch the connective tissue around the joints   Beginners to advanced.  price $30    More information urbanbodies@hotmail.com. Location: Woodland Hills/Canoga Park (San Fernando valley).      12/20/17

Freshen Your Photo (statewide)
That’s my husband’s dad in this classic 1940s photo, but the sky’s a mess and the horse’s leg is scraped.” Not anymore! Through www.FreshenYourPhoto.com, longtime CMG member Milo Shapiro saves old pictures, improves current ones, and even removes people/things from photos.  Email him photos for a free estimate. What photo in your desk drawer or desktop folder needs fixing? Wish decades old photos looked fresh or had color? Sun bleaching, water damage, scratches or tears on old shots? Email him photos for a free estimate.     12/2/17

Massage and Yoga (San Francisco)
CMGer and CMT Brian Swager offers serious, therapeutic, healing bodywork with a warm, sensual approach incorporating Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, lomi lomi, craniosacral, and Body Electric style tantric techniques. Warm, quiet, clean studio, quality table, Sacred Earth lotion, shower. Also available for private yoga sessions, naked or clothed. Additional info: http://www.sfomassage.com.  (415) 551-7866 brian@sfomassage.com.     12/22/17

Confused by Technology? (Los Angeles)
IT Acquisition & Services (Pasadena, LA-area): Free consultation, $20 for 20 minutes. Let me help you navigate the IT issues you are facing today, so that you can enjoy your technology tomorrow. Wanting a new gadget or a new pc/mac for Xmas?? Receiving errors or warnings??  I have seen most everything and can make recommendations to fit your budget. Maybe a Chromebook (http://www.google.com/chromebook) is best? I will always be helpful for any decision-making. (http://xkcd.com/627/).  Leave me (Harold Felton) a message at (626) 398-6864 anytime, day or night.     12/21/17

Holistic Psychological Healing and Wellness (Los Angeles)
Psychotherapy with Neil Schierholz PsyD for individuals, couples, adult families, and groups. Schedule a free initial phone consultation at DrSchierholz.com. Lower-fee options available with my interns.     12/20/17

Links of Interest

LGBT Social & Recreational Organizations
CMG (California Men's Gatherings)
OUT4FUN (Gay Calendar of Events)
SAGA-LA (Los Angeles Gay Ski & Snowboard Club)
SAGA-SD (San Diego Gay Ski & Snowboard Club)
Great Outdoors
APGF (Asian/Pacific Gays & Friends)
POZabilities (San Diego Social Network)
GLTA (Gay & Lesbian Tennis Association)
IGBO (International Gay Bowling Organization)
IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs)
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Arriba (Ski & Snowboard Club for Gays & Lesbians)
LA Blades Hockey Club
Gay Outdoors
LANG (Los Angeles Nude Guys)
CMEN (California Men Enjoying Naturism)
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Asian Pacific Islander Pride Council (Facebook Page)
Satrang (South Asian Queers of Southern California)
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Radical Faeries LA
LARF (Los Angeles Radical Faeries)
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So CA Bondage Club
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Men's Massage Network (Los Angeles)
Southern California Gay & Lesbian Club (and Friends!)
Southern California Cycling Group
The Billys

Community Organizations
Los Angeles LGBT Center
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
San Diego LGBT Community Center
Sacramento LGBT Center
Palm Springs LGBT Center
Antelope Valley OUTtreach Center
LA LGBT Center Senior Services
AIDS Project LA
Shanti Orange County
Lifeworks Mentoring
Project Angel Food
Project Chicken Soup (Los Angeles County)
Hollywood Free Clinic
SCA (Sexual Compulsives Anonymous)
L.A. Youth Supportive Services (Teen and Young Adult Hotline)
Southern Oregon Pride
Lotus Rising Project
Pacific Center (Berkeley)
Red Circle Project
One (National Gay and Lesbian Archives)
Pop Luck Club
Trevor Project
L.A. County 211
Mankind Project Los Angeles
Mankind Project San Diego
The Discovery Community (Bay Area)
Gay For Good
Starland Community
HSD (Homeless Shelters)
UCSF Alliance Health Project (San Francisco)
The Lavender Effect
North County LGBTQ Resource Center (Oceanside)
HIV Long-term Survivors

Political Organizations
Equality California
Human Rights Campaign
Stonewall Democrats (Los Angeles)
Log Cabin Republicans

Miscellaneous Organizations & Listings
Gay Business Directory (LGBT Yellow Pages)
Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (L.A.)


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