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Quote of the Month

 Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
– John Wooden

Events & Items of Interest

The Antidote Gathering (Saratoga Springs)
August 29 - September 3, 2018
Join us Labor Day weekend for The Antidote Gathering, a co-production of the Billys, Generate Gatherings, and other collaborating partners.  At this 6-day gathering, multiple tribes will converge to create a celebration of each group's unique history, culture, and traditions. Four workshops tracks:  Wellness, Arts & Creativity, the Body Erotic, and Social Justice are designed to give this diverse collection of Billys, Generators, Radical Faeries, Transmen, and CMGers opportunity to find common ground, play, and build community. Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, $75-$135 per night, sliding scale.     7/22/18

New Support/Social Groups (Orange County)
Southern California guys: Looking for a support/social group? Announcing some new, in-person groups with events currently in Orange County, online support forum, and more! Social events:  Shirt-Free support,  Body shyness support,  Foreskin Restoration workshops & support,, Circle Jerks: There's no membership fees in any of these, but a $1 or $2 door fee is requested (though no one is turned away for lack of funds).     7/22/18

Jonathan's Circle (Fresno)
Jonathan's Circle in Fresno: men connecting sex and spirit. Jonathan's Circle is a national organization for men of any sexual orientation who want to experience, explore, and reflect on the connection of spiritual life (whatever form it takes, not necessarily "religious") and sexual practice. It is based on small groups of six to twelve men. A circle is now forming in Fresno. For information about the national organization, visit For more information about joining the Fresno Jonathan's Circle, contact Robert Mitchell at You may also visit the Fresno site.     7/23/18

CalComMen August/September Events (statewide)
AUG 5 PS Heart Circle (Palm Springs)
. AUG 7-12 TantraLove™ Festival East (NY) AUG 12 LA Heart Circle (Los Angeles) AUG 31-SEPT 3 CalComMen Labor Day “Graduate” Community Camp (Idyllwild) SEP 18-23 TantraLove™ Festival West (NCal) Questions? Need Some Financial Aid? Email     7/23/18

CMG Marketplace - Part 1

Body Electric (Los Angeles)
Body Electric of Southern California would like to invite you to our introductory workshop, "Celebrating the Body Erotic," September 29-30 in Los Angeles.  This workshop combines erotic bodywork with mindful breathing, self-pleasuring techniques and beginning practice at raising erotic energy and moving it throughout the body.  The workshop also helps like-minded men find community and connections, and develop and improve useful communication skills in a setting that is playful, safe, and honoring. If you have questions, email, call Erik Kieser, at (408) 497-0040 or see  We hope we'll see you in September!     7/23/18

For Sale (San Diego County)
Kensington Bench, 5 ft wide, iron sides with oak slats. Completely refurbished and in excellent condition. Vibrant colors hand painted to accentuate the remarkable detail, adding a touch of whimsey to your patio, den, or office. Bench is located in Valley Center, take exit 41 on I-15, follow Old Castle Rd about 6 miles east to Lilac Oaks on Lilac Rd. Call or text Tim at (760) 715-3376.     7/23/18

Walking Tour of Tijuana (Baja, Mexico)
Tijuana is fun and safe: Free walking tour of TJ. I live in TJ and could use some company. For details go to  Download a free copy of my guide booklet, The Day Trippers Guide to Tijuana. Sam Warren     7/1/18

Cabinmate Wanted (Panama Canal)
Anchors away matey! Mid-life man here seeking a cabinmate for cruise from San Diego through the Panama Canal, debarking in Fort Lauderdale. The 15-night tour departs October 9, returning stateside on the 24th. It's a fair deal for an interior stateroom with stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia, before sailing on to Florida. For further detail: Contact Paul at Ahoy!     7/22/18

Gay-Tantra with Armin Heining (Statewide)
Gay-Tantra™ in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, & Palm Springs, with Armin Heining! Please join me, when I will be on my 10th international North America Tour and experience GAY-TANTRA at its origins! Sept 29 - 30 Workshop "Sexual Energy Massage" in Los Angeles (2 days); Sept 27 in San Francisco, Oct 1 in San Diego, and Oct 2 in Palm Springs: Sampler Workshop "Contacting & Energy Exchanges" (3 hours). You will have a wonderful, unforgettable, sustainable, real tantric experience!,     1/17/18

Did You Know . . . ?

August Showers
     Of the eight major meteor showers each year, the most famous and popular is the Perseids.  Each August, the night skies rain down a spectacular show of “shooting stars.” While needle-like streaks of meteors can be seen on any clear night from a darkened location, it is when the earth passes through the orbit of a long-gone comet that the numbers creep up.
     The Perseids are remnants of Comet Swift-Tuttle which was last here in 1992 (returning each 133 years).  The earliest record of its activity appears in the Chinese annals in 36 A.D.  In medieval times they were known as the tears of St. Lawrence. Since we pass through its orbit every year, the Perseids always happen at the same time.
     The minute particles (most the size of a grain of sand) collide with the Earth’s atmosphere at speeds up to 37-miles per second, and vaporize due to friction 50 to 75 miles above us.  Mostly white, blue, or yellow, their trails are short and gone in the blink of an eye.  Larger ones leave longer and slower trails covering even 20 degrees of the sky. 
     On a totally dark night, meteors may be seen at the rate of 50-60 per hour per observer. The Perseids have been as high as 200 per hour in a rare and especially active shower.  For this shower, the moon is only two days old and sets around 9:30 PM, so it won't get in the way of dark skies for this year’s display. 
     Though meteors can be seen in any part of the sky, the Perseids are so named because they seem to emanate from the constellation Perseus.  The best time to see them this year is after 1 AM and before sunrise on Sunday night/Monday morning August 12/13. (Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from 23 July to 20 August.)  The closer to dawn, before it starts to get light, the better the show.  That’s when the “leading edge” of the earth’s atmosphere is facing into the path of the particle swarm, and when Perseus has risen higher in the sky. Morning twilight will being at 4:40 AM.
     The key to seeing a meteor shower is "to take in as much sky as possible."  Go to a dark area, in the suburbs or countryside, and prepare to sit outside for a few hours. It takes about 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark, and the longer you wait outside, the more you'll see. A rate of 150 meteors per hour, for instance, means two to three meteors per minute, including faint streaks along with bright, fireball-generating ones.
     The maximum rate of meteors expected to be visible this year is around 80 per hour. 
To see the most meteors, the best place to look is not directly at the radiant itself, but at any dark patch of sky which is around 30–40° away from it. Around this distance from the radiant, meteors will show reasonably long trails without being too spread out.
     Some sky-watchers plan to camp out to see the Perseid meteor shower, but at the very least, viewers should bring something comfortable to sit on, some snacks and some bug spray. Then, just relax and look upward for the celestial show.
     For the best viewing in California: From a dark location look high in the northeast sky on the morning of August 13.  Still impressive will be the mornings on each side of that date.

CMGer Bob Goodman is the former Chairman of Wilderness Education for California Great Outdoors.

CMG Marketplace - Part 2

Gay Bowling (Los Angeles)
Join gay guys having fun for bowling and dinner afterward on Sunday, August 26, 2018 at 4:30 PM at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana. You don't need to know how to bowl. We'll show you how. Cost is $19 for 2 hours of bowling, including shoes and ball rental. RSVP at or send your name and phone number for more information to Louis at     7-24-18

Offering Place to Stay (Tucson AZ)
Any CMG guy coming to or through Tucson is welcome to stay in my home.  You’ll have your own room, a dog who will adore you, hosts who will either entertain you or leave you on your own as you prefer.  There’s a lot to do and see in and around Tucson. Just let me know as much in advance as you can, either at (520) 398-6826 or at  Please no calls before 10 AM and note new email address.  And Please take me up on this! Merlin Spillers     7/23/18

Sensual Massage by Tall, Bearish, Nurturing Man (Los Angeles)
Come and relax in a Zen-like atmosphere. Take an hour out of your day to enjoy being pampered. Strong intuitive hands. You create the type of massage you would like. You will also enjoy the soft music and candles. In a Van Nuys house with a private room. Shower and easy parking available. Large oversized massage table, and clean sheets. Times available: after 6 PM on weekdays. On weekends, call to see what I have available. Cost is $85 for over an hour.  Book your appointment with Randy (323) 236-5150.     7/22/18

Freshen Your Photo (statewide)
Can we get the words off my T-shirt?  And make the ground prettier?” Done! Through, longtime CMG member Milo Shapiro saves old pictures, improves current ones, and even removes people/things from photos.  Email him photos for a free estimate. What photo in your desk drawer or desktop folder needs fixing? Wish decades old photos looked fresh or had color? Sun bleaching, water damage, scratches or tears on old shots? Email Milo your photo for a free estimate.     7/3/18

BA-MEN (So Cal)
Skinny-dip?  Got a private pool?  BA-MEN, a men's naturist/nudist club in Orange County, Long Beach, and nearby is looking for guys with a pool and/or spa in a private area (one your neighbors can't see directly into) that wouldn't mind a few new friends coming over to swim/soak nude in.  We even pay you a share of door fees!  If you don't have such, perhaps you can host an indoor event for us, or at least join us for one of our August events, include massage, movies, touch session, & more! Check us out: http://BA-MEN.Org.    7/23/18

Men's Nude Yoga Classes (Los Angeles)
Nude YogaBasics: August 4th. Yoga poses held longer to stretch the muscles and to create greater heat for detoxing the body. Nude Partners Yoga: Saturday August 18th. Partners assigned at the class.  I designate your wingman based on height and skill level.  More info: Jon     7/16/18

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