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Events & Items of Interest

LGBT Supreme Court Case (Los Angeles)
October 2, 2019, 6:30 - 9:30 PM
The City of West Hollywood's Human Rights Speakers Series presents a panel discussion: "LGBT Employment Rights at the Supreme Court." In October, three cases will be heard about whether the federal statute that prohibits sex discrimination in employment covers discrimination related to someone's sexual orientation or gender identity. These hugely important cases will determine the rights of all LGBT people in the US. West Hollywood City Council Chambers, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. Free RSVP:  For more info:     9/24/19

Gay Elder Circle (Los Angeles)
Sunday, October 20, 2-4 PM
Join us for a rare and important intergenerational dialogue between Rev. Ed Hansen (79) and August Bernadicou (25).  Rev. Hansen, Methodist minister for 55 years, most recently at the Hollywood United Methodist Church. August Bernadicou, founder of The LGBTQ History Project, interviews people who have contributed to the LGBTQ community evolution. Their chemistry will forge a link between youths' vitality and Elders' grounded knowledge. West Hollywood Public Library Community Meeting Room, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. Parking adjacent to library. Limited seating, first-come, first-served. More info:     9/19/19

On Q: Multigenerational Queer Chat (Palm Springs)
October 5th & 26th, 2:00 - 3:30 PM

On Q is a dynamic discussion group at the LGBT Center that takes on provocative and timely topics (e.g. coming out, gay pride, family, activism) to stimulate civil conversations, bridge the generational divide, and breakthrough stereotypes and dogmas. Each session will feature two or more speakers of different generations with radically different takes on a today's queer hot topic. Proactively inclusive of all genders, ages, and sexual identities, this ain't no ordinary chit-chat.1301 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262. For information contact      9/18/2019

Cuddle Party (Palm Springs)
Saturday, October 12 @ 7 PM
What is a cuddle party? It’s CalComMen's version of a puppy pile -- very sensual, lots of touch, no sex, clothes on/shoes off! It’s two hours of relaxed, quiet conversation, fun music, cuddling and perhaps the delicious feeling of just being held in a loving way by a new friend. Oh, and a few snacks :) We ask participants to honor this safe sensual-but-not-sexual environment. Open to all men-who-love-men of all ages, sizes, shapes & colors… $10 Donation. RSVP to soon . . . space limited.     9-23-19

CalComMen Palm Springs Pride Pool Party (Palm Springs)
Splish, splash, mingle, meet, soak, float, connect, eat, eat, eat. Join us again for a wonderful day in the sun in Palm Springs, with the heart-centered men of CalComMen, including our traditional potluck!  This pool party is nudity-optional, drug, alcohol, smoke and electronics-free. Sunday, November 3rd @ 12 noon, Limited to the 1st 60 RSVP's to,     9/23/19

CMG Marketplace - Part 1

Shift Your Mood (statewide)
Long-time CMG'er Rik Isensee's revised edition of his book, Shift Your Mood: from Reactive to Mindful, has been released as both an ebook, and paperback. Rik is a licensed therapist and also a Certified Mindfulness Teacher through the Mindfulness Training Institute. He completed the Advanced Practitioners Program at Spirit Rock. He offers mindfulness coaching at Rik is the author of several books for gay guys:     9/22/19

Hypnotherapy--Mind/Body Healing (Los Angeles)
Stop smoking, get in shape, dissolve stress and fears away! Joseph Sparrowhawk is an experienced, compassionate, and dedicated hypnotherapist, who can help you unlock the powers of the subconscious mind. Call/text Joseph at (818) 679-6346.     9/24/19

Cuddle and Massage Wanted (Palm Springs)
I would love to attend the organized cuddle and massage sessions in Palm Springs. Nothing sounds more fun than enjoying the company of like-minded guys. I am unable to attend based on other commitments.  I was hoping that by reaching out to others, might help us come together enjoying this activity at a different time, place. I would love to help form a cuddle session and or a massage exchange.  A barrier is that I cannot host, so let’s share a room. Any ideas, comments, thoughts, are greatly appreciated. Contact Rob at     9/6/19

Small, Private back house for rent, 8 miles No. of Burbank Airport – Avail Oct 1st. Includes elec, gas, water, trash. Fridge, high-end stove, AC/heat, shower. VERY quiet – private entrance. Located off the 210 fwy, just 8 miles north of the Burbank airport.. $1,000 deposit, $1,650 a mo. rent. MUST be non-smoker/drug-free. Prefer someone quiet and employed outside the home. For one person ONLY. Great for someone who enjoys plants/gardening!

Weddings, Life Passage, & Spiritual Ceremonies (Los Angeles)
Golden Lotus Ministries is a Universalist Practice, open to individuals from all walks of life. Email inquiries to, or call/text Joseph at (818) 679-6346.     9/24/19

Did You Know . . . ?

20 Slang Terms From the 1970s No One Uses Anymore
Drop that lava lamp and those bellbottoms by the door.

By Bob Larkin

The seventies get a bad rap. When people talk about the decade, they focus on all the embarrassing stuff like Pet Rocks, Watergate, shag carpeting, and disco music. Sure, there was a lot about the 70s that was cringe-worthy. But it also had some of the most colorful, over the top slang of the 20th century. And if you don’t believe us, well baby, you can just keep on truckin.

Put on your best polyester suit, crank up the Bee Gees on your 8-track player, and revisit some of the best worst slang of the Me Decade.

1. Catch you on the flip-side
The other side of today is tomorrow, so to catch you on the flip side means to see you again tomorrow. Yeah, we know, it doesn’t make sense to us either. Example: “I got to run, but I’ll catch you on the flip side.”

2. Do me a solid
A solid is a favor because, um… favors aren’t liquid? When you do someone a solid, you’re helping them out in a big way. Example: “Would you do me a solid and give me a ride to the airport?”

3. Boogie down
To dance, but to do so in an especially enthusiastic way. Ideally, while being accompanied by disco music. Example: “That ABBA song makes me want to boogie down.”

4. Psyche!
When something is presented, and then quietly taken away. A taunting word for a jovial denial. Example: “Oh, you want a piece of gum? Sure, here you go. (pulls it away.) Psyche!”

5. Brick house
If you find a woman’s body especially attractive, you might say she was built like a brick house. As in: Well put together, proportionally perfect. Example: “That girl is so fine, she’s a brick house.”

6. Stop dipping in my Kool-Aid
When somebody is up in your business and they won’t leave you alone, just tell them to stop dipping in your Kool-Aid. Your Kool-Aid, in this equation, is your business, and the dipper is the person who won’t leave you alone. Example: “I told you I don’t want to talk about my divorce. Stop dipping in my Kool-Aid.”

7. What a fry
If someone is acting unusual or wacky, you could accuse them of being a fry. Were French fries especially kooky during the 70s? It appears so. Example: “Did you hear that Steve went streaking last weekend? What a fry!”

8. The Man
An authority figure. It could mean the police, the government, or even your parents. Anyone with the power to take your fun away. Example: “I wish I was doing better, but the Man is keeping me down.”

9. Spaz
He’s not just a lovable dorky character in Meatballs. Being a spaz is a state of awkward, spastic, bumbling energy. If you’re spazzing out, you have lost all control of your limbs and anything approaching rational thinking. Example: “Whoa, I think you’ve had too much coffee. Don’t be such a spaz!”

10. Cool beans
You’re not ordering a side dish at a barbecue place. Rather, it’s an expression of approval. Example: “Sure, I’d love to see a movie tonight. That’d be cool beans."

The next 10:
CMG Marketplace - Part 2

Men's-Only Nude Yoga Classes (Los Angeles)
Nude Yin Yoga: October 5th & November 2nd, 9:30 AM. Yoga poses are held for three minutes at a time to the stretch the connective tissue around the joints. Nude Partners Thai Whole Body Massage: November 9th, 9:30 AM. Thai massage is focused on stretching and warming up the body, much like a yoga session. We will switch up partners many times. Nude Partners Yoga: October 26th & November 16th, 9:30 AM. Naked man on man partnering yoga. I will assign you a wingman. We will switch up partners many times. More info:      9/20/19

Offering Place to Stay (Tucson AZ)
Any CMG coming to or through Tucson is welcome to stay in my home.  You’ll have your own bedroom, a dog who will love you and hosts who will entertain you as you wish or leave you to yourself as you wish.  Please let me know as much in advance as possible when you’ll be here, and please do take advantage of this.  Phone:  520) 398-6826 (no calls before 10 A.M. please) and email is I’m looking forward to having you here.  Merlin Spillers.    9/9/19

Freshen Your Photo (statewide)
“Could you fix the bottom of my 1972 High School football team?"  Let's do more than that; now it almost looks like a current photo! Through, longtime CMG member Milo Shapiro saves old pictures, improves current ones, and even removes people/ things from photos.  Examples on his site. Photo in your desk drawer or desktop folder needs fixing? Wish decades old photos looked fresh or had color?  Sun bleaching, water damage, scratches/tears on old shots? Email your photos for a free estimate ( or call 619-542-0761.     9/4/19

Massage and Yoga (San Francisco)
CMGer and CMT Brian Swager offers serious, therapeutic, healing bodywork with a warm, sensual approach incorporating Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, lomi lomi, craniosacral, and Body Electric style tantric techniques. Warm, quiet, clean studio, quality table, Sacred Earth lotion, shower.  Also available for private yoga sessions, naked or clothed.  Additional info:  (415) 551-7866     9/22/19

BA-MEN (So Cal)
BA-MEN (Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism), a club in Orange County, Long Beach, and nearby, invites all 18+ men! Upcoming events include: Oct. 12-14 Tecopa Hot Springs (sulfur-free) trip in SE Death Valley; Nov. 10-17 Palm Springs Trip (got a pool or hot tub we can "borrow"?). Visit BA-MEN at: http://BA-MEN.Org. Questions?  Write: And see our newsletter (NSFW!): http://BA-MEN.Org/newsletters/current/.    9/24/19

Gay-Tantra with Armin Heining (Statewide)
GAY-TANTRA™ in Berkeley, Los Angeles & Palm Springs, with Armin Heining. Please join me, when I will be on my 13th International North America Tour and experience GAY-TANTRA at its origins (since 1992). Intensive-workshop "Tantra-Energy Sex" (8 hours), Sept 28 in Berkeley and Sept 29 in Los Angeles,  Sampler-workshop "Contacting & Energy Exchanges" (3 hours), Sept 30 in Palm Springs. Three-Day workshop intensive "Eros, Energy & Massage," Oct 12-14 [Columbus Day] in Phoenix, AZ. Enjoy a wonderful, unforgettable, sustainable, real tantric experience.,     9/14/19

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