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“Moonlight” Hike [w/Great Outdoors] - Hollywood

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Time: 7:00 p.m. SHARP

Location: The Greek Theater [Yes, this is where we meet when there is NOT something at the Greek!] There is a parking lot just uphill from the Greek. Park there. This is the closest free parking since it is $15 per hour, in advance, at the Griffith Park Observatory parking lot, if there is any space at all. There is a little bathroom structure just up the street from that parking lot before you get to the first grassy area. We will LEAVE at 7:15. We'll be walking up to the Observatory to begin, so you CAN park there and wait at the head of the Charlie Turner Trail. We should be there by 7:35 [and will just walk right on, so be EARLY if you choose to park there and meet us]. Greek Theater address is 2700 Vermont Avenue, LA, CA 90027. Observatory address is 2800 E. Observatory Road, LA, CA 90027. And that's going to be quite the "one block" walk as there is a significant elevation change from the Greek to the Obs of about 300 feet. Add the 500 feet to get to the spectacular view offered on top of Mt Hollywood, well, what else have you got to this year without wearing a mask?

WARNING!! While nothing is scheduled at the Greek on January 20th, sometimes "production" takes over this parking lot. However, you'll be able to find a parking place on Vermont easily or in the Franklin Golf Course Parking lot so just park there and walk up to that same place to find us! We'll check to make sure that no last minute "show" is at the Greek or no movie, tv show, video or whatnot is harshing our buzz!

This event cancels for rain. This event cancels if the City, County, State or Nation closes Griffith Park. Wear a mask if you like, please. You can also bring something to share at the top. Be creative.

RSVP: No need to RSVP – just join us!

Event Cost: FREE – there is no charge for this event.

Parking: There is free parking on the street too and down a bit at the cross street, but CMG strongly encourages carpooling and public transportation whenever possible!

A “Moonlight” Hike

Would you like to see the lights of Hollywood, Downtown, Glendale, Burbank and the San Fernando Valley while hiking way above them during the full moon… without a flashlight? And maybe dinner afterward in the company of warm & wonderful CMG and Great Outdoors friends? Then join CMG brothers as we come together with Great Outdoors men for their occasional “Thursday-Closest-to-the-Full-Moon Hike.” We do try and be sure we'll see the moon in the sky [or it would be in the sky if there are clouds] by the time we're off the mountain at about 9:30 pm. It sometimes means we are NOT seeing a full moon because the moon rises about 1 hour later each day. On the full moon, it rises just after sunset. So, after only 3 days, it would be rising well after we're home! So we bump a week earlier. We've checked the route we take and it is FIVE MILES up and back, just about 2.5 miles each way. We stop 4 times going up and there are park water fountains at TWO of those. We don't leave any behind for the coyotes. And no one remembers that we've ever had anyone turn back. The worst it is is MODERATE but most of it is uphill going up [yes, there is a bit of downhill too]. It is nearly ALL downhill coming down, but againk there's a bit of uphill ~ topography.

Host/Trail Guide: CMG’er Ben~Andy will be our dynamic, educated and beaming trail guide. He has occasionally led this hike and the hikes to the Hollywood Sign for over twenty years, so he knows these trails well!

What to Bring: Comfortable walking/hiking shoes, water, and a jacket… it gets cool at the top some evenings. A MASK is optional! Even if you've had the vax, we support those as have not or cannot.

Questions? Just reply to this email to ask your devious, evanescent bandleader.

All CMG events are drug-free. This event is also alcohol-free.
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