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June 1, 2017

Vol 10, Issue 6

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Welcome to Binky's List, CMG's very own community news publication, named in honor of one of our most beloved elders, Al-Binky Hoch. 
Did you ever wish you could use the CMG email list to tell everyone about anything you wanted?  Well that is EXACTLY what this newsletter is for.  It's NOT for CMG events.  It's for everything else.
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Quote of the Month

If you are depressed
you are living in the past.
If you are anxious
you are living in the future.
If you are at peace
you are living in the present.

Lao Tzu


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Events & Items of Interest

A passing to Note
     We are sad to report the passing of CMG brother Dick Greene, of San Diego, who died May 9 of lung disease. He was 84. Richard Max Greene was born October 22, 1932 and grew up on a farm in Pampa TX where they planted wheat and raised cattle. He was the second oldest of five children and the only one who left Texas, pursuing his passion for architecture and art. Dick graduated from Oklahoma State University, receiving his degree in Architecture & Design. His career as an architect, designing homes and commercial buildings, lasted his entire life, as did his passion for drawing and painting. 
     After graduating from college, Dick moved to Tucson, AZ, then Del Mar, CA, and eventually to La Jolla, CA, where he and then-wife Beth raised two children. He finally settled in San Diego.
     In addition to being an architect, Dick was also an accomplished artist. He painted as an avocation, leaving well over 100 paintings and drawings at his passing. Starting in 1983, during the early HIV crisis, he hosted a free class for terminally ill AIDS patients, called AIDS Art Alive, teaching drawing, painting, and clay modeling. He also taught art through the San Diego Community College District for disabled people, from 1988 to 1995. All who knew him say Dick’s enthusiasm for life was infectious and he touched the hearts of many, many people.  
     Dick is survived by his partner Jeffrey Wynne, of San Diego; son, Mark Greene, of Gig Harbor WA; daughter Lisa Torbenson, of Rancho Mission Viejo, CA; his sister Nell McDonough, of Happy TX; and three grandchildren, Paige Greene, Kirstyn Torbenson, and Blake Greene.    5/9/17

CMGers on the Road
Ever dream about packing it all up and traveling the world? That's just what married couple Brian Johnson and Frank Lindh are doing--Letting Go and Heading OutĀ.  They were regular CMG attendees in the late 90s and early 2000s. They leased out their San Rafael house and are now in their second year of traveling the world.  You can follow their adventures at     5/24/17

CMG Marketplace - Part 1

Subletting (Oakland)
Looking to sublet my top-floor, 650 sq. ft. studio for the Summer. , two blocks from Lake Merritt, 1929 Gothic building, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, furnished, with awesome view of Lake Merritt and Downtown Oakland. Rent controlled for nine years makes this a steal at $1241/mo, utilities included. Secure parking space available for $100/mo if needed. Flexible on dates. Call John at (530) 863-3012.     5/3/17 

Rune Readings--Viking Tradition (San Diego)
A mirror into knowing oneself, not fortune telling. You pick the stones. Interpretations from The Book of Runes. San Diego County.  Reading in a public place near your residence. $18. Session aprox 30 minutes. Angelo Vitale (619) 818- 2718.     5/2/17

New York City Rental (NYC)
Need an affordable, cool, convenient place to stay when visiting NYC? I rent a bedroom in (or my whole) furnished Bushwick, Brooklyn apartment.  Bushwick is a vibrant, supercool neighborhood with tons of cafes/restaurants/bars, and is currently the center of the contemporary art universe with hundreds of artist studios and 60+ galleries.  It’s 1.5 blocks from subway (Manhattan is 20 minutes), across from a lovely park, 24-hour supermarket on the corner, roof access with incredible views. $59-79/night.  Maximum two people at a time. Please no smoking/pets/drugs.  Details and photos:  Ken at     5/2/17

Turn the Voice You Hate Into the Voice You Love (statewide)
Did you know that three out of every five people hate the sound of their voice? If you’re one of them, don't do another video, audio, speech, or presentation, until you download this free report, a bonus for checking out our products. Longtime CMGer, Jim Ruboyianes, has teamed up with America's premier voice trainer, and best-selling author, Joni Wilson, to produce online voice training courses for speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants, and business & media professionals. Your free report: Visit our products:     5/22/17

Did You Know . . . ?

The Great American Eclipse

THIS IMAGE of a total solar eclipse was captured from Easter Island in July 2010. Observers describe the moment of totality as unlike anything they’ve experienced.

Ninety-nine Years
This August, for the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse will be visible coast to coast in the Lower 48 states. The path of totality will run from the Pacific coast of Oregon to the Atlantic coast of South Carolina.  During a period of about 90 minutes the shadow of the moon will race across the U.S. in the most astounding celestial event that can be seen from the surface of Earth. Total solar eclipses occur when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth.

Not just any eclipse
If you remember donning those paper eclipse glasses to watch as the moon appears to take a bite out of the sun, you may think you have seen a total eclipse. But you haven’t. What you witnessed was a partial eclipse, a phenomenon as different from a total eclipse as day is from night. Literally.

Unfortunately, California will only see a partial eclipse. The sun is so bright that even when 99% of it is covered by the moon, the remaining 1% is still bright enough to make the sky blue, said Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts who has seen 33 total eclipses and 32 partial eclipses. During a total solar eclipse, the moon completely obscures the face of the sun, causing the daytime sky to darken by a factor of 1 million.  The darkest part of the eclipse, the totality, is almost as dark as night.

In the shadow of the moon
This moment of totality lasts only a few minutes. Those who have seen it say it’s unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. “It’s a really unique feeling, standing in the shadow of the moon,” said Matt Penn, an astronomer at the National Solar Observatory in Tucson who has witnessed two total eclipses. “Crickets start to chirp. Birds start to roost. Chickens do weird things. And it’s all in reaction to the strange light.”  The temperature drops (up to 20 degrees), the planets become visible and bright stars come out. A beautiful 360° sunrise/sunset glow is all around on the horizon.   In the middle of the day.

A total solar eclipse occurs somewhere on Earth about once every 18 months, and it can happen absolutely anywhere. That means most eclipse-chasers have to travel far from home to see one for themselves. On Aug. 21, however, what’s known as the path of totality will cut a 60-mile-wide arc across the United States, beginning in Oregon at 10:15 AM local time and ending in South Carolina about an hour and a half later. Experts estimate that 11 million people won’t have to travel at all to observe the total eclipse, and an estimated 76 million more will be within a 200-mile drive of it. Because of this unusual accessibility, it will probably be the most-viewed eclipse of all time.  Will you go see it?

Sky and Telescope’s Total Eclipse Info page:’s When, Where, and How to See it:

Future total solar eclipses in the 21st Century:

CMG Marketplace - Part 2

The paradox of calm and energy (San Diego)
Can you imagine that human touch could energize your soul?   And give you a better outlook on life?   Savor and delight in the moments of cuddling that result in healing your heart.  That includes your real, physical heart, too.  Interesting paradox:  calm down your life as you energize it.   True, it happens after a wonderful cuddle time.  Enjoy the benefits of healing touch in a platonic hugging and cuddling nonsexual one hour session.     5/15/17

Seeking Cabinmate All-Gay European Cruises (Atlantic)
July 4-13 Barcelona to Venice with Atlantis Events on Celebrity Constellation, August 5-12 join RSVP from Seattle to Alaska on HAL Eurodam, Sept 4-12 join Atlantis Events from Amsterdam to Barcelona on Celebrity Silhouette. Sept 18-25 join La Demence from Lisbon to Canary Islands on Monarch.  I am not a travel agent.  Just looking for the one right guy to share my inside cabin. Contact CMGer Charlie Crockett at     5/24/17

Improv Fun at Jonathan Goldman's Laughter Clinic (Palm Springs)
In life we are obedient and safe; in Improv we are naughty, risky & dangerous! Humor is needed these days. Learn how Improv principles can change your life's connections. Different games happen each workshop, and can be enjoyed independently. Snacks and water provided. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and sensible shoes for movement. Saturday, June 10th, 10 AM - noon. Tuesday, June 20th, 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Tuition is $10 per clinic. Cash, check, credit card accepted. At Mizell Center, Ramon & Sunrise.  Unlock Your Brain™, (760) 656-8338.     5/20/17

Holistic Psychological Healing and Wellness (Los Angeles)
Psychotherapy with Neil Schierholz PsyD for individuals, couples, adult families, and groups. Schedule a free initial phone consultation at Lower-fee options available with my interns.     5/17/17

Confused by Technology? (Los Angeles)
IT Acquisition & Services (Pasadena, LA-area): Free consultation, $20 for 20 minutes. Let me help you navigate the IT issues you are facing today, so that you can enjoy your technology tomorrow. Wanting a new gadget or a new pc/mac for Xmas?? Receiving errors or warnings??  I have seen most everything and can make recommendations to fit your budget. Maybe a Chromebook ( is best? I will always be helpful for any decision-making. (  Leave me (Harold Felton) a message at (626) 398-6864 anytime, day or night.     5/24/17

Body-Centered Coaching (Oakland)
For the man who wants to be more sexually alive, exploring his desires/wants/needs, including kinks, with no guilt or shame, being the man he is and wants to be. Also provide couples coaching.,  On site, webcam, or will travel to you. Ken Stofft, MA, CSB, Oakland, California.     5/14/17

Freshen Your Photo (statewide)
We have almost no young photos of Grandma, but I found her in this 1935 group shot. "Can we get a nice shot of just her?” Sure can! Through, long-time CMG member Milo Shapiro saves old pictures, improves current ones, and even removes people/things from photos.  Email him photos for a free estimate. What photo in your desk drawer or desktop folder needs fixing? Wish decades old photos looked fresh or had color?  Sun bleaching, water damage, scratches or tears on old shots? Email Milo your photos for a free estimate.     5/23/17

Massage and Yoga (San Francisco)
CMGer and CMT Brian Swager offers serious, therapeutic, healing bodywork with a warm, sensual approach incorporating Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, lomi lomi, craniosacral, and Body Electric style tantric techniques. Warm, quiet, clean studio, quality table, Sacred Earth lotion, shower. Also available for private yoga sessions, naked or clothed. Additional info:  (415) 551-7866     5/20/17

Links of Interest
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GLTA (Gay & Lesbian Tennis Association)
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CMEN (California Men Enjoying Naturism)
BA-MEN (Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism - for O.C., Long Beach, & South Bay)
Asian Pacific Islander Pride Council (Facebook Page)
Satrang (South Asian Queers of Southern California)
Black & White Men Together (Southern California)
One (National Gay and Lesbian Archives)
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