CMG Events

Fall Getaway 2022

Post Thanksgiving Weekend – Mountain Center, CA ~ A CMG getaway? But wait…is it a Gathering or not? Well, sort of. It’s like a Gathering…lite! More about letting go and having fun together than focusing on ritual. It’s been a heck of a year (with a big election coming to boot!) and we just want to blow off steam together. And since we don’t have a big committee, rather than not coming together at all, we’re just simplifying…believing we can plan less and have it be just as much fun!

So no theme that we’ll explore. Only one assembly at the beginning, where the focus will be almost entirely on playing and meeting each other. And at the end, sure…a light closing. But in between, way more loosey-goosey!

Starts: November 25, 2022
Ends: November 28, 2022