How do I cancel my membership or registrations with CMG?

Answers: If you are looking to cancel your registration for a CMG Gathering, please contact the CMG Registrar directly who will assist you.


Where can I see the photo the system has stored for me?

Answer: From the Home page, click the Photo Upload link to see the photo you last submitted.


How can I change my email, username, password?

Answer: Go to your Home page, click Account Settings and update your information.


How do I request Financial Aid or a Scholarship?

Answer: The easiest way is to look for the current link to the Financial Aid Request on our public-facing website, thecmg.org, under the seasonal gathering page that is open for registration. Otherwise, send a brief, non-detailed request to registrar@thecmg.org to request Financial Aid. CMG can only provide limited Financial Aid; in most cases, you will still need to come up with the balance. Each event — Spring, Summer and Fall Gatherings — has a different amount of Financial Aid available. Full scholarships are rare, but you can always ask. If you still cannot afford the standard Financial Aid rate being offered for that weekend, let the Registrar know, and he will see if there is anything he can do for you. He’ll bend over backward for you to try to make something happen, but unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing more available. Financial Aid is non-transferable, so if you asked for it last year and didn't use it, it’s not saved for you. We hit the reset after each event, so please request newly.


How can I update my Registration Information after I’ve registered?

Answer: Go to your Home page, click Account Settings and update your information. If the information you want to change does not appear there and pertains specifically to a weekend event, send a note to the registrar@thecmg.org. If it’s pretty close to the event, and your registration has already been processed, you’ll want to send a note to registrar@thecmg.org to see if anything can be updated, such as the printed roster before it is printed. 


Why are there no Day Passes?

Answer: We only have the full-weekend price, and it's because our weekends are intended to be the same group of guys from start-to-finish. There are those who arrive late on Saturday or need to leave a little early, but coming late Saturday or on Sunday isn't encouraged; you would have missed too much. 

From our perspective, the most important thing to deliver is creating the safe space for men to open up, relax with each other and begin to play and experience themselves with less restraint than we have in day-to-day life. We don't really want to take your money and not deliver that, especially if it would be your first time.

You are encouraged to rearrange your life to be at the gathering for the whole weekend. Is there a request you can make to free yourself up to arrive late Friday or early on Saturday? Attending the full gathering could literally change your outlook on life. See what you can make happen!


Refund Policy - What if I need to cancel after the cutoff date?

After a specific date, refunds become tricky. Once we’ve spent all the money on making a great gathering, if you can’t make it, please choose from the following: 


  • If you must cancel, it’s awesome if you choose the popular option of “Sending a Man to Camp.” We can easily convert your event fees to a donation to be used by a man who otherwise couldn’t attend at all. He feels great, you feel great, plus you get bonus karma points!
  • If you know someone who can use it or was planning on going and hasn’t paid yet, you can transfer your Event Fees to his registration and avoid the processing fee. You and he work out the deal on your end. Just let us know his name, so we know who to credit.
  • If there is a waiting list for the event and we can sell your spot, we’ll refund the balance minus the $50 fee. Note: There is no guarantee that there will be a waiting list for this event. 
  • The last option is to wait and see what happens with the event. We aim to neither profit nor to lose money on our events, so if there is a surplus, full or partial refunds may be considered. 

How can I get help if I have problems with anything at http://thecmg.info [the CMG members registration site]?

Answer: You should send a note to the registrar@thecmg.org explaining your situation. The Registrar can reset your password, help you register for an event and so on. If you are experiencing what seem like errors, it's helpful for us to know the kind of computer you are working on (PC or Mac), and the browser you're using. We'll work it out, somehow!

Can I get help on the phone?

Answer: Phone help is not directly available. The CMG is an all-volunteer organization and as such doesn't have a "staff." It is always faster to send an email to registrar@thecmg.org for assistance. Do include your phone number and explain the problem. If he can answer your question via email, you'll have his instructions to follow, so that is the most likely thing he'll do. Even if it is before his hours or after yours, email allows the communication to happen still, and everyone will get their beauty rest. If the problem cannot be resolved via email, he will set up a call with you at a time convenient to you both.


How do I pay for something (a Weekend at Camp or Local Event with a pre-paid fee) if I've left registration without paying?

Answer: If you have a Paypal account and like to move fast, go to paypal.me/thecmg/, add the amount you owe and send! If you would like to pay with a debit or credit card, you can pay through our donation portal, located Here. No matter how you pay, be sure to add a note making clear what it’s for and, if paying for another, for whom you are paying. You can always send a note to the registrar@thecmg.org.

If you prefer to send a check – and it’s not ten or fewer days before the start of the event – make it out to CMG + [season of event you're paying for] (e.g., Summer) and mail to CMG, 1049 Havenhurst Drive, #123, West Hollywood, CA 90046. If you have questions about any of this, please send a note about it to the registrar@thecmg.org


How do I propose a Local Event for my area?

Answer: The easiest way is to send a note by using the links on this page: Each of the five geographic areas has its own committee that handles the production of events for that area. You don't have to join the committee to put on an event. Fill out the form, or send an email to events.ba@thecmg.org [Bay Area], events.dc@thecmg.org [Desert Cities], events.la@thecmg.org [LA], events.sa@thecmg.org [Sacramento] or events.sd@thecmg.org [San Diego] to propose your event. Helpful things to include are:

  1. The DATE and TIME you want your hold your event, including end-time.
  2. The NAME of your event and a DESCRIPTION of it.
  3. How MANY can attend?
  4. What FACILITIES you'll need [a room, a boom box, flip chart, etc.]. 
  5. How MUCH it will cost to attend [NOTE: Proceeds from all local events go to the CMG committee that produces them, but you can provide a budget for reimbursement of your expenses for approval ahead of time].
  6. A bio of the presenter[s]/facilitator[s]/host[s] for this event if you can. Not all events need these, but most events run better with at least one.
  7. If you need to do a "pre-sale" or a pre-rsvp [for a large number, over 20], your event can be set up as a small registration event to save you time and hassles and make sure the expenses get covered. Contact registrar@thecmg.org to ask about that functionality.

If you think of another FAQ that would be helpful to answer here, please send a note to the registrar@thecmg.org.